Medical Weight-loss Treatment (Saxenda)

As we grow older and our lives get busier, it is very common to put on some weight. Jam-packed schedules and long days can deplete your energy levels and make it difficult for you to exercise. Even those who do exercise and stick to diets may still struggle with weight loss and find it difficult to maintain. Science has continually researched methods to help adults with weight loss with some great outcomes.

Such an example of effective treatment is Saxenda, a new weight-loss medicine that contains the active substance liraglutide. Plenty of research has found this FDA-approved drug to be highly effective in reducing the bodyweight of adults above the age of 18. All it takes is a small, daily injection to see these fantastic results. That is why we now provide this highly effective and readily accessible treatment.

How does Saxenda work?

Saxenda contains the active substance liraglutide. Liraglutide is like the naturally occurring hormone called GLP-1, which is released from the intestine after a meal. This leads to the feeling of satiety and inhibits further food intake. Saxenda mimics this process by acting on receptors in the brain that control your appetite, causing you to feel fuller and less hungry. Therefore, it can help you eat less food and reduce your body weight.

With over 20 years’ experience as a GP, Dr Fidal is well-qualified to deliver medical treatment, unlike many other cosmetic clinics. At your first appointment, Dr Fidal will gently introduce you to Saxenda and go through all the necessary and relevant details, ensuring you feel comfortable and well-informed. Following on, he will show you how to administer the injections and you can begin the treatment from then.

Key benefits of Saxenda Weight Loss Injections:

  • When combined with physical activity and a low-calorie dietary plan, regular doses of Saxenda is more effective for losing weight than a diet alone
  • It has been shown to reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • It has limited side effects
  • It is self-injectable, so it requires fewer trips to the clinic

Side Effects

Like all medicines, Saxenda can cause side effects, but not everybody gets them. The most common side effects are shown below, and usually, go away after a few days or weeks:

  • Feeling sick (nausea)
  • Being sick (vomiting)
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation

At AF Cosmetic Clinic, Dr Fidal will guide you through the procedure, addressing any questions and concerns you may have. If you would like more information, you can contact us or book your free consultation with the link below.

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