Fat Melting Treatments

Fat Melting Non-Invasive Treatments

Slim down and melt away fat with confidence. The power of innovation effective and comfortable.

What is Proslimelt

This innovative Proslimelt System uses a specific range of low frequency ultrasound. This guarantees safe and efficient reduction of fat volume with immediate and measurable results.


After only one session you will see a reduction of the perimeter of the area treated equal to at least 2cm. Previous patients said this treatment was painless and they were able to return to their daily activities immediately.

How does Proslimelt work?

Low frequency ultrasound waves travel beneath the skin and target fat cells. Once the waves hit the fat cell it ruptures and emulsifies it. Clinical tests demonstrate that fat moves out of the body through a natural and physiological process

Is the treatment safe?

Studies indicate that Proslimelt is a safe and efficient means for the treatment of lipodistrophy and localised fat.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the treatment will depend upon the size of the treated areas and the number of sessions you require. Contact the clinic today on 07391134268  and we will be able to go through your options.

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